As we prepare for our 35th season, we’d like to update you all as to a few events and thoughts about this upcoming winter:

Trail Clean-up: November 2.
Our trail clean-up day was a resounding success! A great big THANK YOU from Terri, Newt and Walter…and the many, many skiers who will appreciate your efforts once the snow falls!
Local food and/or beer?? We’re exploring ideas and options of having a food truck, and/or beverages from a local brewery available on select days this season…we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Fat Tire Bikes??  We’re also exploring the idea of opening to fat tire bikes this season either on select trails or in certain conditions…please share your interest!

Junior Season rentals are now available, if you are interested please contact us. As in the past, a complimentary season pass will be issued with each rental picked up before Dec. 25.

New water!  Pineridge had a new well drilled this summer, so (hopefully) that will end the periodic water problems we’ve had.

A new trail, called Outback, is under construction off Scouting, along our North and West property lines.

Christmas is coming! Cut your own Christmas tree begins Nov. 29.

We appreciate your interest and can’t wait to see you all out there this winter! 

-Walter and Newt


Recent Photos:

Walter and Newt get first tracks of the 2019/2020 season! (photos 11/12/2019)

Nov. 12: definitely the earliest we’ve skied in a long time!


Enjoy the wood stove and good company in our lodge (photo 1/11/2019).


Grooming on Scouting trail (photo 1/31/2019).


Ski next to the Poestenkill Creek on East Flat trail (photo 3/5/2019).



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