Snow Report ~ Ski Conditions

Open Daily 9 am ~ 4 pm

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Date: 02/22/17 Time: 6:32 am (Standard Time)
Pineridge is: will open the trails at12:30 today
Surface Conditions: loose granular/ variable
New Snow: 0
Last Snow: Feb.9 10in. Feb11-3in. Feb.12 10in.
Weather Outlook: sunny/partly cloudy
Temperature Range: 32 warming into high 40's
Avg. Trail Base Depth:

Trails Open of 35 km:

Groomed of 35 km:

Track Set of 25 km:

Skating of 20 km:

2-5 in.

20 km

20 km

20 km

10 km

Avg. Depth in Woods:

Backcountry of 5 km:

Snowshoe of 15 km:

Dog Trail of 1 km:

3-6 in.

5 km

15 km

1 km

General Comments:
The ski Trails will soften as day warms. Spring like conditions.
Current Events: