PINERIDGE Cross Country Ski Area
2015 - 2016 Programs

Open Daily 9 am ~ 4 pm

*****Ski the Difference ~ SKI PINERIDGE!*****

All programs are dependent on participant numbers and of course the weather! Always call ahead to check our latest conditions. Some events require advance registration.

3 & Ski

Take 3 group lessons or 1 private lesson and receive a season pass for the remainder of the season.

XC learn to ski package
  • Value of $244 for only $149
  • Includes:
    • 3 Area Use
    • 3 Rentals
    • 3 Group lessons or 1 private lesson
  • PLUS a Season Pass
When three lessons are completed participant will receive a Season Pass for the remainder of the season.

To enroll complete our registration form before December 24, 2013.

Next, call Pineridge at 283-3652 to make a reservation for your first lesson. Participants are to complete all three lessons during the first five weeks that Pineridge is open. Then, get out and ski FREE for the rest of the season!

*The "3 and ski" program is restricted to beginners and first-time skiers ONLY.

Night Skiing

Night Skiing requires a minimum group of 10 adults. Once a group has made a down payment for a given night and ski conditions are favorable, Pineridge will open for that night and announce by email and ski report that we are open to the public.

If you have a group of 10 adults, call or email regarding your interest and a night you would like. We will get back to you and you can send a down payment. If you would like a night but do not have 10 adults, let us know how many you have and what nights you could ski. We will attempt to coordinate with another group or groups and then let everyone know via email.

Hours of operation are 6 to 9:30 pm. We have 4km of lit trails, headlamps are permitted. Season Pass, Source Card, Entertainment Card or other coupons do not apply.